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When I traveled to the town of McAllen on the southern tip of Texas last November, I did not expect to find anything other than what I had landed in this southern Texas town. I was actually surprised that there would be an Italian restaurant founded by one of the most famous chefs in the history of South Texas cuisine, Mario Batali.

Tucked away in the plain, this family-run restaurant offers a quick and affordable lunch that comes with soup, fried rice and egg rolls. This is no frills, no seating - there are some impressive traditional Mexican dishes served on site, but it's the tacos that keep getting legions of loyal followers coming back for more. If you have a favorite dish from Tex - Mex, what makes it so special that fresh tortillas are always a winner? But you can't be wrong about the classic tacos we're all used to, like taco con quesadilla or burritos.

If you're looking for brunch, this brunch offers some great dishes, including breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as a great brunch buffet. If you're looking for some flavor - stuffed French toast - this is the place you want to get a lot of people to so you can taste more pastries. To plan your foodie adventures in McAllen, Texas, soon, be sure to visit the Visit McAllen website.

If you are someone living in poverty, the foodbanks listed below will also help. Although the Hidalgo County website is operated by a non-profit organization, it may not be made available through donations.

The Summer Feeding Program in McAllen, Texas, was one of the many great ways to expand the city in recent years. This month's event is the first of its kind, which will take place on July 4, 2015, at the Hidalgo Municipal Fair Square.

The first three restaurants are part of the Delgado collective, so you can't walk around McAllen without people talking about one of these restaurants at any given time. There are so many great dishes, but there are also some unique dishes that are only found here. This is a beautiful stew full of spicy tomato soup, and the avocado chicken in a creamy avocado sauce is another unique dish that I'm not sure what to do. I am sure you have all heard about it. I was lucky enough to take my Lonche to Nuevo Progreso for the first time last weekend with a few other friends and family members.

The mortadella salami, a special version of the famous home cure, is covered with fresh bread rolls. The tetale do chocolate is made from chocolate and served with cheramusca ice cream, and it is so delicious!

Can I just say that this is probably the best cheesecake I have ever tasted, and I am So glad I stepped into that 50s style diner. They have been feeding families for over 45 years and this cuisine is so good I can't remember eating it for the first time. I've tasted nostalgia, but it's so much more than that, it tastes like nostalgia.

There are many gourmet restaurants serving unique and unique dishes, but this legendary restaurant is highly regarded for serving tacos on homemade tortillas every day - to order. It may not be the longest atmosphere, and they have to do with the fact that they are only open for a few hours during the day.

The abundance of top restaurants in McAllen is a gourmet's dream, but let's take a moment to remember some of the classics that have proven themselves and should never be forgotten. This McAllen institution has been running the taco game for breakfast since 1974, and we challenge our fellow Texans who claim to be the king of breakfast tacos to prove otherwise! This McAllen Downtown restaurant is the oldest restaurant still in operation and opened in 1947. It is not only a leader in the subculture of the hidden gem restaurant, it is also one of the best breakfast restaurants in Texas.

For our Barbacoa Cordero, my husband and I ordered the lamb, which was slow-cooked because the agave leaf was so tender. We were served perfectly charred chicken with caramelised crispy bits and breast puree that could feed a family of four whose teeth were still in the making.

For dessert, we decided to try two real Italian favourites: homemade tiramisu and Zeppole al Forno (pictured above). The churros and Cajeta ice cream were so delicious that we finished our meal with music and a wonderful day. As if the House of Wines hadn't surprised me already, I'm not sure I have a word for Salome. After looking at the well-curated wine list, they decide to start the meal with a glass of wine from their own collection of wines from around the world.

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