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The hotel, which is operated as a Marriott franchise by Castle Hospitality Ltd. of McAllen, Texas, is operated by the same management team that manages the Hilton Austin Austin Austin Hotel & Spa. Located at 1250 W. Main Street in the historic Fairfield Hotel District, the hotel offers guests a wide range of amenities and amenities, as well as access to a variety of restaurants and bars. The welcoming décor and full-service restaurant and bar, which will open to the public on December 10, 2015, is scheduled to open at 10 a.m. on the second floor of 1240 W Main Street Hotel. Located on the corner of Main and Main Streets in downtown McAllen, TX, about 12 50.

Golf course is a 10-minute drive away and shopping at La Plaza Mall is just a few blocks from the hotel, on the corner of Main Street and Main Street. The Radisson Hotel at McAllen Airport is located on the west side of the airport in the historic Fairfield Hotel District and is only a short drive from downtown McAllen, TX, about 10 minutes away.

We serve various destinations including Houston, Nashville, Dallas and other locations, and there are also 7 trips to arrive, cross and connect with travelers from around the world.

Location: The Brownsville - McAllen Airport (MFE) is less than an hour by car, bus or train from any of our locations in Texas.

To see the route step by step and compare fares and times with the Rome2rio travel planner, select the option below. We are a full-service hotel with all the amenities and amenities available at the Fairfield Inn in Brownsville, Texas, including our full-service restaurant, fitness center, swimming pools, hot tubs and fitness equipment, and full hotel accommodations.

The 22,000-square-foot site is home to Toros Academy, one of the largest youth football programs in Texas. The city has also hosted many high school and college football games and tournaments. In addition, Toros Academy offers a fully funded program for young men and women of all ages to play in their local high schools, colleges and universities.

Edinburgh is also home to the Rio Grande Bible Institute, which is located in the South Texas College District. Students from the city also have the option of attending the University of Texas at El Paso and Texas A & M University in Austin.

Fairfield Inn & Suites offers quality service and quality of life to those who live, work and visit McAllen. Fairfields Inn and Suits offers a variety of amenities, including a full-service restaurant, bar, fitness center, pool and fitness center, as well as amenities for residents and visitors alike.

This 3-star hotel with 150 rooms welcomes guests with a full-service restaurant, bar, gym, swimming pool and fitness centre. Other hotel amenities include a laundry service, a spa, a spa - such as a gym - and a private pool with spa by the pool.

Unfortunately, the hotel is not wheelchair accessible and does not offer HRS guests any benefits such as free parking, free Wi-Fi and free access to the fitness centre.

McAllen, the county's largest city, is bordered by the Rio Grande River and its border with El Paso County. It is home to the University of Texas at Austin and Texas A & M University - Austin campus.

Almost the entire city is served by the Edinburgh Consolidated Independent School District, which includes the city of McAllen, El Paso County and a small part of Fort Bend County. A smaller portion is run by a McAllen Independent School District that includes the cities of San Antonio, Fort Benning, San Marcos, El Cajon and El Pueblo.

Edinburgh City Council's meeting will take place at the Fairfield Inn from 6pm on Tuesday 6 September. These include a special meeting of the city's Board of Supervisors, a public hearing and a vote on the budget for the year.

When attending an event at State Farm Arena, you can find the Fairfield Inn's free pick-up and drop-off point on the right side of the arena. Call the rental location using the free pick-up service or the phone number of the location listed on your reservation confirmation. If you would like to bring your own car at a lower price or receive up to 80% discount, call the hotel directly on its website or call.

The ground-breaking ceremony for the stadium took place in 2000, and the UTRGV Baseball Stadium (commonly known as Edinburgh Stadium) opened in 2001. U TRGV is unique in that it is one of the ways in which the UT system merges with existing universities.

In 1908, a new community was founded on the site, which is home to the University of Texas at Fort Worth and the UTRGV campus. In 2011 and 2012, the Edinburgh Roadrunners were members of Major League Baseball (MLB) New York - Penn League. H.E.B. Park, home to the Texas Rangers, Texas A & M Rangers and Texas Longhorns.

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