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When I traveled to the town of McAllen, on the southern tip of Texas, last November, I did not expect to find anything other than what I had landed in this southern Texas city. I was actually surprised that there would be an Italian restaurant founded by one of the original founders of the first restaurant chain San Antonio, La Bologna.

The restaurant is open seven days a week and serves a wide range of tacos, burritos, quesadillas and other dishes, but it is the tacos that keep the legions of loyal followers coming back. If you have a favorite Tex-Mex dish, you know that fresh tortillas are always a hit and the no-frills, no-frills, seat-drive on-site also makes some impressive traditional Mexican dishes. But you can't really be wrong with the classic tacos you're used to from this restaurant. They have taken it upon themselves to make sure that it is the taco that will bring back their legion of loyal customers and legions of loyal followers for a few more!

There are so many great dishes, but this is the lonche that brought us to Nuevo Progreso, and it's a beautiful stew that brims with spicy tomato broth. The avocado chicken with a creamy avocado sauce is one of those unique dishes that is only available here. The in-house Mortadella Salami from House Mortadeslla is layered on a fresh roll and there is so much more to this dish than just the chicken.

There are many gourmet restaurants serving unique, unique dishes, but we had a great time in the Rio Grande Valley at Haus Mortadeslla in Nuevo Progreso. As you can see, the menu is constantly changing to offer guests the best, freshest local ingredients for a variety of dishes. They have their own twist on some of our favorite dishes, and there's so much more to this restaurant than just the food.

If you're looking for the best tamales in the area, look no further than Delia's. To offer 18 different varieties of tasty tamale is a must if you visit one of the two locations.

With so many visitors to the area, the Rio Grande Valley is home to some of the most delicious restaurants. Whether you're craving authentic Mexican fresh sushi or just a good reason to live here, they have it all.

The food is fantastic, but there are so many incredible things to do in McAllen that you want to see it. If you're planning a foodie adventure in McAllen, Texas, soon, be sure to visit the VisitMcAllen website.

If you are applying for a job, please understand that you are applying for a job at a restaurant owned and operated by an independent franchisee, not McDonald's USA. The information you provide in your application will be passed on to McDonald's, the franchisor organisation responsible for managing and operating the restaurant, which is independent of the franchisees. If you have applied for a job in a franchise restaurant, the information will not be passed on to a franchise organisation until the organisation has approached you and has evaluated the application.

The recipes of Palenque Grill are prepared with fresh ingredients and traditional style, and are enhanced with the flavors of Mexico's North Pacific coast. To find out more about the restaurant you will fall in love with, you can meet SALT in the restaurants where vegetables, meat and fruit are grown and grown just a stone's throw away.

The lunch and dinner specialities are renowned for their quick and friendly service, offering some of the freshest seafood in the area, as well as a wide selection of fresh fruit, vegetables and meat.

McAllen is known for its Mexican cuisine, but Santa Fe Steakhouse & Cantina is an unforgettable place for locals and visitors alike. This legendary restaurant may not be the longest in the atmosphere, but it is high on the list of the best restaurants in the area, serving daily tacos on homemade tortillas. If you want to try this sweet French bistro, you will love the award-winning wine list and delicious pastries. And if you're looking for a place where you can take a lot of people with you to try more pastries, this flavor - stuffed French toast - is the place to go.

This restaurant is from the Republic of Rio Grande, which lasted 283 days before it was defeated. It is a destination all to itself that makes you feel # Ve crossed the border with Papel Picado, which hung in the courtyard and played live music all night.

The Rio Grande Valley is a popular area that attracts tourists year-round. Patio Guerra is located in the historic center of McAllen and is known for its award-winning wines and good food, as well as great atmosphere. Enjoy the best of both worlds at our masterfully designed Bentsen Palm Mission, a home in TX surrounded by the ecological wonders of the Rio Grandes Valley while enjoying the comforts of big city life.

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