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If you plan to visit the southernmost tip of Texas, you will love everything that is to do in the city of McAllen. If you're looking for a city with a lot of pace and things to do, stop by McAllen for some good food, drinks and entertainment. McALLEN, TX, in south Texas, is a great place to get busy on weekends or even all week.

This museum covers the heritage of South Texas and Northeast Mexico and begins with the history of the city as it grew up and its history as a growing city. There are a lot of museums and galleries in McAllen, such as the Texas Museum of Natural History and the Mexican American Museum, but you can dive right in to explore everything as soon as you start.

The area's only attraction is the hand-drawn, hand-operated ferry across the Rio Grande River in McAllen. To get there from US 83, drive to the south side of the city until you meet the river and take an hour's drive down to the location where the hand-held, 1,000-foot-long, hand-operated ferry is located at the intersection of US-83 and Interstate 35.

Two outstanding museums also contribute to McAllen's art scene: the Art Institute of Texas and the Texas Museum of Natural History. In nearby Mission, Texas, you'll love the John Shary Building, an official historic Texas landmark located on the corner of the US-83 and Texas 141, built in 1939. Visit historic King Ranch and drive 15 miles east to Kingsville, TX and turn right onto TX 141.

McAllen is also home to the International Museum of Art and Science, which is a great place to enjoy educational programs, exhibitions and programs focused on the surrounding Rio Grande River region. The World Birding Center is not just a single building, it includes nine locations in the Rio Grande Valley, including the largest bird-watching center in the world, the Texas Bird Center, which is located not far from McAllen. If you want to study wildlife, you can find it at the Wildlife Education Center in McAllen, Texas, just a few miles east of the museum.

More than 200 species of butterflies have been documented at the Butterfly Center in Texas. The Rio Grande Valley is home to birds that attract nature lovers from around the world, and they can be seen in an area of three counties, including McAllen with the Texas Bird Center, the largest bird watching center in the United States.

If you're hoping to get to a major hub, flights to Austin, San Antonio or Houston are an option. The carrier has also established a bus service that can also take you to Houston and other cities in the US.

If you're planning to travel to or near the McAllen region, Skyscanner's flight search engine is a great way to quickly compare prices and find the best flight time. While you may be looking for the cheapest available flights, other airports are nearby and have viable flight options. Skystar also has some great travel ideas and tips when it comes to finding flights.

If you're coming to South Texas for an adventure or to enjoy nature, Skyscanner's hotel booking tool can help you find hotels and hostels that will help you continue your journey. Before you book your flight to McAllen, TX, make sure you get the best deal by comparing prices for Skyster and Ski Scanners. I decided to fly UA back from my trip to Fort Worth because the prices there are cheaper than with the airlines I normally use.

Since Texas is such a large state, there are many ways to get around, including flying and driving, and Skyscanner's car rentals are a great resource if you hope to drive. Connecting flights to McAllen can be made from hubs such as Houston and Dallas, but there is also a connecting flight to or from McAllen. If you're flying from a big city, you can also travel to the McAllen region from another place in Texas to get there.

There is something going on almost every weekend, so if you see something exciting, check out the events before you plan your trip. The McAllen Convention Center regularly offers fun things and is a regular meeting place for locals. It is good to remember to book a flight to the smaller McAllen Miller Airport, which will be home to many families on vacation, as it is one of the busiest airports in Texas. When activities are planned, it is easy to have them while you are traveling with your family or visiting family and friends.

No matter what happens, McAllen is definitely a special place and you definitely want to come back for the incredible festivals that are taking place there. Do your taste buds a favor and check out some of the best restaurants in McAllen. Although it's certainly not the most reliable Texas fast food (though it's good for Texas), don't worry, as Forno A Legna in NorthMcAllen has some good Italian dishes I've ever tasted. The children who work there get along with their college tuition, and there's not much difference in the quality of their food from the rest of Texas.

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More About McAllen